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     Thirteen-year old Lily and Charlie have always been close, like the ballplaying, dancing Hero Twins of their mom’s favorite Mayan myth, who travel to the Underworld and find out what's up with their missing dad. But in their case, Lily's the dancer and Charlie’s the baller.

     Charlie has a hard time fitting in, while trying to stand out, on his new basketball team.  Lily has a hard time keeping her focus when her dad, an ex-cop who has withdrawn from the activities of both twins, starts pressing her to leave the neighborhood youth center where she dances.

     When Charlie finds out that Lily’s in competition for a chance to study at a ballet academy in Paris the following year --not wanting to be outshined, or left behind--he tries to knock her off her game by sending their dad to watch Lily dance. Charlie’s plan takes a dark turn when their dad bullies an ex-gang member who’s watching his own sister dance, driving the twins apart, and leaving them both to wonder what's really up with their dad.



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  • This is a photo of me at the age of five, when I first became a writer--of poems, plays later, then stories.  I'm a lot older than five now, but nowhere near as wise.  After doing many other kinds of work, I've gone back to writing.  The apple orchard behind my house (see the photo on my HOME page) is very near Fruitlands, the place L.M.Alcott lived for a time with her family.  Sometimes when I'm writing I can see her running around down there, in and out of the apple trees. I swear it.      


Click on BLOG for information for parents and teachers about reading ALMOST TWINLESS with kids, and for some random thoughts I had while writing it.

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